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40th Anniversary of Kazakh Gas Refinery!
October 8th in the Kazakh Gas Refinery was celebrated the 40th anniversary of the plant. The event was attended by

Kazakhstan to Build Natural Gas Refinery at Karachaganak
Kazakhstan plans to build a refinery to process 5 billion cubic meters a year of natural gas at the BG

The blog has been activated
In May of 2009 has been started a blog of Refinery Director (Mr. Nurmukhanov). At the moment the blog supports

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Политика инициативного информирования
(Документированная процедура ДП ГПЗ 504-15)
Политика по противодействию коррупции
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Production Range of use
1 Natural combustion gas Natural combustion gas has application as fuel for industrial and domestic consumption;
2 E thanoic faction Ethanoic faction is used as raw material for pyrolysis, refrigerant coolant to get lower temperatures, in apparatus of oil dewaxing and the extraction of n-xylol;
3 Propane faction Propane faction has application as polymerization process's modifying agent in the production of high-pressure polyethylene, solvent in the process of deasphalting and dewaxing of oil fractions, refrigerant coolant, pyrolysis raw material, nitromethane production, technical carbon, propylene;
4 Normal butane faction Normal butane faction is used to produce butadiene, pyrolysis, acetic acid, maleic anhydride, as solvent for dewaxing and deasphalting of oil-products;
5 Isobutane faction Isobutane faction has application in the production of propellent, synthetic rubber;
6 Hydrocarbonic condensed fuel gases Hydrocarbonic condensed fuel gases are used as fuel for industrial and domestic consumption;
7 Hydrocarbonic condensed clean gases Hydrocarbonic condensed clean gases have application as component of propellent for spray cans in household chemistry;
8 Pentane hexane faction Pentane hexane faction is used in petrochemical industry;
9 Heating domestic fuel Heating domestic fuel is used as fuel for boiler-houses;
10 Nitrogen Nitrogen gases are used for fire fighting and blowing-down of apparatus and pipe-lines to prepare them to repair operations;
11 Technical oxygene Technical oxygene has application in flame treatment of metalls;
12 H ydrocarbonic solvent UR -1 Hydrocarbonic solvent UR-1 is used for definition of water and salts content in stock oil and oil emulsions;
13 Hydrocarbonic fuel condensed gases for motor vehicles Hydrocarbonic fuel condensed gases have application as fuel for motor vehicles, equipped by compressed gas apparatus;

List of production

» Natural combustion gas
» Ethanoic faction
» Propane faction
» Normal butane faction
» Pentane hexane faction
» Heating domestic fuel
» Nitrogen
» Technical oxygene
» Hydrocarbonic solvent

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