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40th Anniversary of Kazakh Gas Refinery!
October 8th in the Kazakh Gas Refinery was celebrated the 40th anniversary of the plant. The event was attended by

Kazakhstan to Build Natural Gas Refinery at Karachaganak
Kazakhstan plans to build a refinery to process 5 billion cubic meters a year of natural gas at the BG

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About company

The discovery of major deposits of crude oil and gas at Mangyshlak is glorious milestone of history and science. Together with field development the item of the sound management of great gas resources at Mangyshlak half-island began to be very important.

In March, 1971 XXIV convention of CPSU took place. To utilize associated petroleum gas, which is the result of “Uzen” oil deposit’s operation, under the directives of the convention decision to construct gas processing plant at Mangyshlak was made.

In 1972 it was decided to begin construction. Whole Soviet Union helped to built the first gas processing plant in Kazakhstan. More than 100 enterprises of the country produced equipment, tens of project institutes prepared technical documents, specialists from all parts of the great country arrived. To put into operation Kazakh gas processing plant, gas processing specialists and gas motor compressors specialists from Grozny OPP, Minibay GPP, Voznesensky GPP, Nevinnomyssk chemical plant arrived.

When the plant was put into operation it had the following personnel: directors I.V. Grigoryev and L.N. Shirshov, gas processing workshop chief Saurin A.P., compressor workshop chief – Fomin G.P.
During the processing of Uzen associated petroleum gas and natural gas experienced senior controllers of technological processing units, such as: V.L. Lunichkin, V.D. Filippov, V. Shelukhin, Y.A. Fedorov, V. Zhovner, V Zhavoronkin, as well as machinists of gas motor compressors – A.S. Belov, I.G. Bezbakh, A.Y. Dudin, N.F. Glushnev worked in gas processing workshop.

Kazakh gas Refinery is very important for production- territorial complex of Mangistau. The plant provides the major part of the Republic by condensed gas, the population of the region by residue gas and stove fuel. Also it provide the companies of the Zhanaozen city by technical oxygene.

In 2007 the legal status of the plant was changed and it was reregistered as Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) «KazGPZ»

List of production

» Natural combustion gas
» Ethanoic faction
» Propane faction
» Normal butane faction
» Pentane hexane faction
» Heating domestic fuel
» Nitrogen
» Technical oxygene
» Hydrocarbonic solvent

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