Kazakh Gas Refinery

Политика инициативного информирования
(Документированная процедура ДП ГПЗ 504-15)
Политика по противодействию коррупции
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The Kazakh Gas Refinery is very important for production- territorial complex of Mangistau. The plant provides the major part of the Republic by condensed gas, the population of the region by residue gas and stove fuel. Also it provide the companies of the Zhanaozen city by technical oxygene.


The second element of gas processing shop was put into operation. Gas intake capacity increased to 1.5 bln m3 of gas per year, but the gas processing capacity increased to 1 bln m3/year.

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Внутренние коммуникации ТОО "КазГПЗ"

List of production

» Natural combustion gas
» Ethanoic faction
» Propane faction
» Normal butane faction
» Pentane hexane faction
» Heating domestic fuel
» Nitrogen
» Technical oxygene
» Hydrocarbonic solvent

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